Full Name

Caine Owens

Goes By



January 1st / 17





Hair Color


Eye Color


Current Residence

Lives with his mother





Played By

Thor Knai


Caine was born different. His mother suffered terrible anemia during her pregnancy and his father leaving them for his secretary didn't help her condition any. She spent weeks in and out of the hospital and gave birth to her son 4 weeks premature. As time went on she noticed odd things about her child. He didn't like to go outside and he was sickly a lot, but she chalked that up to him being a premature baby. When he was ten his mother came home from work to find him laying on the floor after having puked up blood. He was rushed to the hospital and tests showed that his body was beginning to reject itself. Doctors did a total blood transfusion and he seemed fine after that, until a month had gone by and it happened all over again. And the hunger appeared. In the hospital Caine attacked the doctors, draining them of their blood as his mother watched in horror.

Since then she's been moving her and her son all over the country, fleeing the area once people catch on to all the mysterious illnesses that seem to appear after they do. Caine hates what he is, hates killing people, but he really has no choice. His mother takes jobs at hospitals (thanks to training as a nurse) and steals him blood when she can, but nothing's as good as blood fresh from the tap.


Boheme Rhapsody - He smells delicious.

Deacon Frost - Oh, this can't end well at all.

Poe Wyman - She knows his secret. He hopes he won't have to kill her, because she's a nice girl and tastes heavenly.

Phoenix Mulder - Apparently also a vampire?


He's a vampire. But not the typical 'rawr, flee the sun' kind. His species of vampire can go out in the daytime but they tend to be less alert and almost drowsy-like, and they sunburn very easily. He does need to consume blood, since his own body cannot process oxygen in his own blood. So he has to get it from outside sources, such as blood bags from the hospital (stolen of course) or from victims, willing or not. He does have fangs, he doesn't glitter in the sunlight, and he can be killed like a regular old mortal can.


  • The Damning Well – Awakening
I lose control as the story unfolds | It has been like a knife to bare skin | I walk alone like a king with no throne | I burn up from the monster within | Life is too long for me | Life is too wrong for me