Delight Amos
"I lost some time once. It's always in the last place you look for it."

Full Name

Delight Amos

Goes By

Delight, Del


Feb. 4th

Anthro Species

European Magpie




Very slender

Hair Color


Eye Color

Bi-color, one blue, one green.

Classes Taught

Arts & Crafts

Often mistaken for a student herself, Delight (though she requests both students and other faculty call her 'Del' and not 'Miss. Amos') is endlessly youthful and almost always with a smile on her face. Frequently scatterbrained and easily distracted, she doesn't keep set coursework and her students are free to do whatever projects they please in her classroom, as long as they are actively working. It is, in essence, physically impossible to fail her classes. Order in her classroom is loose, at best.

She has a German Shepherd named Barnabas, who she'll claim is 'on indefinite loan' from her older brother. She also enjoys talking about her large family, though many stories seem more like tall tales than thing that would actually happen. But someone was blessed with a vivid imagination and a knack of weaving story threads. Regardless of if they're true or not, they're entertaining and fun to listen to.