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  • Holy shit, what the hell happened to the tree in front of the school? It's like someone pulverized it!
  • I saw McDowell at a sorority party last night. There were chicks covering him in icing and he was wearing a tiara that said 'happy birthday' on it. He looked like he was high as a kite and he really didn't seem to mind all those girls being all over him! Doesn't he have a girlfriend or something?
  • Something breaks or shatters in the school? Alec and Clara are having sex somewhere.
  • I think Ethan F ate a porcupine for breakfast. Maybe the same porcupine that roughed up Clara's neck, eh? Eh??
  • DEAR GOD did Alec lose a fight?! He looks like a mess! Wait, is that a giant hickey on his neck..?
  • Alec McDowell wasn't in any of his later classes, did he go home sick?
  • Where those rabid raccoons in the janitors closet? Had to be, humans don't make noises like that...
  • Did Ben McDowell seriously maim Laurie Blake's arm??
  • Durden + Wade. True or false?
  • Dude, dude, what happened to Anthony Stark over the summer? That's gotta be a pod person, right?
  • Are they a boy or a girl? FFS!
  • You're dating the BLONDE ONE. It's not rocket science, I promise.


  • Something is definitely up with that Wesker kid. Bloody hell!


  • Wade tried to look up Ms. Frost's dress! He's so gross!
  • Gram and Brooke were oddly absent during part of the meet and greet. HMM.
  • So what's the history between Max and that creepy kid, Ben?
  • What's with the kid who was giving out his number on a business card?
  • Max totally fucking punched that new pretentious kid! And he didn't even flinch!
  • Does Bucky Barnes seriously have a metal arm? What the hell happened there??
  • Wade scared the crap out of that tall kid with the Lucifer goatee. Y'know, the gay one?
  • Who the hell cried 'rape' and was escorted out by the principal?
  • That floppy-haired new kid is pretty popular, isn't he?
  • Ewww! Mr. Crowley's dog threw up on that purple haired girl!


  • Did you see that screaming match between the peacock-feather guy and the neon pink chick? It was approaching like, Maury Povich levels of catfighting.
  • Oh, gross. Anyone want to own up to the puke-covered Converse in the parking lot? Anyone? Bueller?
  • Did Max and Ben McDowell SERIOUSLY come to the dance together? What's the story with that, because it has to be a good tale.
  • And what was that fight later on between them about? Are they an item and just hiding it well??
  • Ruby dragged Sam off somewhere after dancing with him. Does Poe know about that?
  • Miss. Poe Wyman has been getting love nips from someone who isn't her maybe-boyfriend, Sam Winchester.
  • Heather and Gram's quiet brother got pretty drunk on punch and then left together. Anyone have any details on the aftermath of that?
  • How the hell did Bucky bag the hot Russian chick?
  • Someone really went on a hell of a rampage in the parking lot. There was broken glass everywhere! Some cars got pretty messed up.