Just a place to stick things that have nowhere to go at the moment. Feel free to use as needed.

  • A small pen, about 4 inches long, dull black with a gold metallic ring around the center. It writes in blood - the user's blood - and won't run out till the user does.
  • A music box, obviously old and quite valuable. Someone who listens to it several times in a row, especially if they have any musical skill, will realize that the tune is changing and being rewritten very, very slowly. Occasionally the old song will cease to play and a new one will start up. Inside there are only the gears and cogs you would expect.
  • Nothing. The box is empty. When it is opened, the sound of a man's screaming can be heard. It gets farther away, when suddenly, with a loud thud, it stops.
  • Two cups of steaming, dark brown liquid. Drinking from one will cure fatigue, heighten mental alertness and improve motor response. The other is marked Decaf.
  • A pocket-sized, spiral bound notebook. The paper is unusually thick. Whenever anyone writes anything on the paper, the ink flows freely across the page until it forms strange alien letters and symbols,which correspond to nothing known on earth.